монгол хэл

Het Consulaat van Mongolië in Nederland

Монгол улсын консулын газарт тавтай морилно уу


From February 1, 2017 all the visa applications will be processed by the Embassy of Mongolia in Brussels. It is still possible to apply for your tourist- or businessvisa at YourVisa. They will check and apply your application at the Embassy of Mongolia in Brussels. They are located at the same address as the Consulate of Mongolia in Breda. Do you need a visa faster then within 3 working days? Then you need to contact the Embassy of Mongolia in Brussels. Also for other consular services, please contact the Mongolian Embassy in Brussels.


Tel: +32 234 00 643; Tel: +32 234 46 974;

The Honorary Consulate, in cooperation with the Mongolian Tourist Board in the Netherlands, also provides information to civilians and companies concerning Mongolia.

Consulaat van Mongolië

Charles Petitweg 35 A10

4827 HJ Breda

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